Diesel Multipoint Pro

Diesel Multipoint Pro is a professional product for cleaning variable geometry turbos, catalysts and particulate filters.

The extremely concentrated formula based on Nanotec® Nanotechnology removes soot deposits. Diesel Multipoint Pro is suitable for all types of diesel engines, such as common-rail and TDI pump injectors.

  • Cleans, lubricates and protects the injectors, the high-pressure pump, valves, combustion chambers, suction and piston rings.

  • Cleans and removes soot deposits on turbos and variable geometry blades and blades without dismantling.

  • Reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions (CO2, NOx, CO, HC).

  • Optimizes engine efficiency.

  • Neutralises water.

  • Protects the fuel system against corrosion and the fuel against oxidation and Relegation.

Product specifications
Product code 31040015
EAN code 8719689581121
Content 1.5 litre ℮
Box 6 pieces
Pallet content 60 boxes
Diesel Multipoint Pro
Technical Datasheet
Fuel Cleaning
Injection Cleaning
EGR Cleaning
Turbo Cleaning
DPF Cleaning
Combustion Improver
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