Multifunctional quick-drying cleaner

Brake Cleaner Pro

Brake Cleaner Pro is a fast-acting cleaner for removing grease, oil, dirt and brake dust from brake and clutch parts.

Multifunctional, powerful, quick-drying cleaner for cleaning brake discs, pads, shoes, cylinders and calipers, clutch plates, pressure groups and clutch components in general.

  • Removes oil and grease based dirt residues.

  • Dissolves resin and tar residues.

  • Controlled spraying.

  • Very good penetration into the dirt particles.

  • Highly efficient and fast cleaning.

  • Dries fast.

  • Leaves no stains.

Product specifications
Product code 61010500
EAN code 8719689581244
Content 500 ml ℮
Box 12 pieces
Pallet content 108 boxes
Brake Cleaner Pro
Technical Datasheet
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