High-quality multifunctional lubricating, cleaning and protective oil

Multi Lube Pro

Multi Lube Pro is an advanced multifunctional lubricating, cleaning and protective oil with 2 in 1 spray head.

Suitable for many applications within the automotive, industry, marine, agriculture, motorcycles, weapons and tools. Multi Lube Pro cleans, bonds, lubricates, protects and reduces wear. 

  • Excellent cleaning, lubrication and protection properties.

  • Very good adhesion properties.

  • Reduces wear.

  • Penetrates easily.

  • Displaces water and is fully water resistant (cold, hot and salt).

  • Dissolves dirt particles.

  • Loosens stuck (metal) parts.

  • Lubricates and reduces friction between moving parts.

  • Provides long-term protection against oxidation, rust and corrosion.

Product specifications
Product code 62030400
EAN code 8719689581459
Content 400 ml ℮
Box 12 pieces
Pallet content 80 boxes
Technical Datasheet
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