Professional biological cleaner

Eco Power 5 litre

Eco Power is a concentrated, liquid deep cleaning product with a particularly high percentage of active ingredients.

Removes contaminants quickly, thoroughly and very effectively. Particularly suitable for garages and related industrial environments. But also for the food industry and kitchens (hotels and restaurants). Has a deep cleaning and degreasing of animal / vegetable fats and oil contaminated surfaces or atmospheric contaminants. Can also be used for the removal of, for example, ink residues. Due to the high concentration, the product is economical to use and low foaming. The product is non-flammable and has no disturbing influence on the processing of oil / grease separators. Without colour and perfume. Fully biodegradable!

  • Removes quickly and thoroughly animal/vegetable fats and oils.

  • Also removes old oil stains and large amounts of grease and oil.

  • Ideal for scrubber/dryers.

  • Low foaming

  • Also suitable for manual cleaning / mopping and for single-disc machines.

  • Economical in use.

  • Odorless without perfume.

  • Colorless.

  • Biodegradable.

  • Free of fosfor and chlorine.

  • Concentrate. Can be diluted to 1:10.

Product specifications
Product code 21090005
EAN code 8719689581022
Content 5 litre ℮
Box 4 pieces
Pallet content 30 boxes
Eco Power
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